Institutional-grade real estate opportunities are an alternative investment asset class traditionally available only to large financial institutions, professional investors, and the ultra wealthy. These opportunities range from commercial buildings, warehouses, data centres and healthcare facilities, to crucial infrastructure such as energy pipelines, solar panels and fibre cables. Investors who include institutional-grade real estate exposure in their portfolios add income producing investments that are not publicly traded. This alternative asset class exposure adds to diversification and can drive potentially higher overall returns by not being correlated to public stocks and bonds. Other features of institutional-grade real estate opportunities include lower volatility, lower compliance costs, as well as inflation hedging.

Typically, only Institutional and Accredited Investors are able to access and invest in institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities, usually with a minimum investment amount of $250,000 and above. Here at CapBridge, our proprietary FIT™ solution allows investors to start investing from as low as $10,000 per deal.