Risk Disclosure Statement - CapBridge

Risk Disclosure Statement

  1. Loss of Investment sum

Participating in any deal listed on this site entails significant risk associated with private equity investments, as securities offered are not publicly traded, and thus, more illiquid then publicly traded securities. Investors should only invest if they have the financial ability and can afford to lose their entire investment amount.

  1. Risks of Equities Investments

There is no assurance that an investment in a company will appreciate in value, or the company will issue dividends, as it is subject to factors such as market conditions and the industry which the company is operating in. Furthermore, the ability to sell shares in the company will depend on there being a willing buyer for such shares at an agreed price. Consequently, it may be difficult to exit such investments.

Additionally, as a shareholder, your interests are unsecured and ranked subordinate to the interests of the company’s creditors. Should the company become unable to meet its debts as they fall due, you may realize less than your original investment.

  1. Risks of investing in Foreign companies

If the company offering the deal is not from Singapore, your investment may be subject to the laws and regulations of that foreign jurisdiction. You may also be subject to additional tax liabilities, transaction costs, and capital controls, if applicable.

  1. No Disclosure requirements

As there is no requirement for the company to provide a prospectus, you may not have sufficient information to make fully informed investment decisions.

  1. Dilution for Equities Securities

If the company raises additional capital at a later date by issuing new shares, any (direct or indirect) investment the investor makes in a company on the site may be subject to dilution, if the investor chooses not to purchase the new shares offered to them or the subsequent new shareholders get rights, preferences, or privileges, superior to the investor, even if the investor’s absolute number of shares in the company remains the same.

  1. Past performance and Forecasts

Investors should not rely on any past performance or forecasts as a guarantee of future investment performance.

  1. No Representation or Warranty

None of the information presented by the company is intended to form the basis for any offer or recommendation, or have any regard to the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any specific investor. Please seek independent legal advice before making an investment.