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Institutional-Grade Real Estate Opportunities

Diversify your portfolio with an asset class you know and love

Short Holding Period

1 -

Expected Returns

5 - 3.5 % p.a.

Lower Minimum Sum

from $10k

Why invest in Institutional-Grade Real Estate?

Real estate forms a core component of professionally managed investment portfolios. Traditionally only available to institutional investors and the ultra-wealthy, real estate exposure can potentially drive higher returns due to its low correlation with public stocks and bonds. CapBridge now allows you to invest alongside investment professionals into institutional-grade real estate opportunities!*

Potential Capital Appreciation

Real estate assets are highly unique and tangible investments that may appreciate in capital value over time.

Stable Income Profile

Real estate investments are often structured to generate consistent and stable cash flow.

Portfolio Diversification

Real estate assets have low correlation with public stock and bond markets, lowering portfolio volatility.

Why invest through CapBridge?

Exclusive Access

Curated institutional-grade real-estate opportunities, previously only accessible to institutions or the super rich.

Lower Minimum Sum

Invest from as low as $10k, typical Real Estate opportunities require high minimum investments.

Credible Track Record

CapBridge is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) and backed by Singapore Exchange ("SGX").

Seamless & Hassle-free Experience

Our fully digital platform transforms tedious, complicated investment procedures into a few simple clicks for ease of investing without the hassle.

Funded Deals & Case Studies


  • Capital raising for Singapore independent solar power producer that builds, owns and operates solar photovoltaic (“PV”) systems
  • Company serves vast network of commercial, industrial and public sites in Asia Pacific
  • Short-term 18-month loan
Funds Raised

Seoul, Korea

  • Leading Asia Pacific real estate fund manager with >S$100 billion AUM and global reach
  • Premium office building in Seoul’s prime financial district
  • 10-year loan note with early redemption option
Funds Raised
SGD $12M

Headquartered in Singapore

  • Owns and manages >S$60.5 billion mixed-use real estate portfolio
  • Five-year Average Return of Invested Equity (ROIE) of 13.8% 
  • Assets include multiple award winning properties in Singapore and China
Total AUM
SGD $60.5B


Institutional-grade real estate opportunities are real estate-associated investments to invest alongside licensed investment professionals. These fund managers would typically conduct extensive due diligence, research and risk analysis to determine if they are keen on the investment, and to ensure the returns commensurate with the risks.

Depending on tenor and risk profile of each investment, the returns from Institutional-grade Real Estate typically range anywhere from 3.5 -10% per annum.

The minimum investment size is deal dependent but typically starts from $10k. Specific deal information are available on our deals page upon sign up.

For new users, simply sign up for an account with us. To access and participate in live offerings, you will need to complete our online investor verification & KYC process.

Note: Investment opportunities are subject to successful onboarding onto the CapBridge platform as a customer.

The information about the Real Estate opportunities & case studies are provided for general informational and educational purposes only and contains information that has been extracted or reproduced from published or otherwise publicly available sources. The information should not be treated as professional advice, or considered an offer or inducement to engage in any investment activity.

*Real Estate opportunities are indirect investments into real estate-associated investments, that may typically take the form of structured loans and private funds. CapBridge works with established partners who structure and issue these investments, CapBridge does not issue or structure any investments.