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Companies are becoming increasingly specialized yet targeting similar global opportunities from varied locations. The CapBridge syndication and co-investment platform enables small expert investment teams to save time originating such opportunities by having them served on a timely basis (i.e. when a company wants to raise capital). Our system continually improves deal matching and increases the likelihood of a match as it learns from a global transaction database, as well internal matching algorithms.

We enable access to more information quicker and earlier in our process so that investments teams can assess a match and decide whether to progress or not. Our secure data room lets you view confidential company information such as audited finances, financial forecast, business plans, and other information efficiently, and then enables direct engagement with the companies quickly. This significantly expedites deal completion.

Companies often have fundraising requirements that may not exactly match investor cheque sizes. Through the syndication of opportunities, many more opportunities become available to a wider set of investors according to their preferred allocations.


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Corporations with net assets exceeding $10 million in value, in their most recent balance sheet.

As we are regulated and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), only Institutional & Accredited Investors will currently be able to view our live, private-market deals.

Get Started:

1. Create Online Profile And Get Accredited

Create your institution’s online profile. You will be prompted via email to provide our compliance team with your entity’s information (e.g. company structure details) in order for our compliance team to conduct regulatory checks with the purpose of validating your account.

Once your account has been verified by our team to be accredited, you will be able to browse all the live, private-market deals on the CapBridge platform.

2.Provide Your Investment Preferences

Indicate your preferred investment criteria (e.g. geographical location, industry sector, ticket size, etc.) to be prompted when suitable opportunities are newly-listed.

3. Build your ‘Watchlist’ and Evaluate Potential Investment Opportunities

Keep potential companies on your ‘Watchlist’ using the platform’s deal management tools as you engage with management directly and evaluate their fundraising deal.

4. Access the Data Room and Conduct Due Diligence

Request access to each companies’ individual Data Room for extensive confidential company information (e.g. audited finances, business plans, financial forecasts, etc.) as you conduct your due diligence and craft potential Term Sheets.

5. Complete Your investment!

Once the terms of investment and related fundraising legal documentation between yourself and the company have been fully executed, your investment is now complete!