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Participate in exclusive high-quality deals alongside experienced Professional Institutional Investors.


For Accredited Investors, UHNWI, Venture Capital and Family Offices

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Minimum Investment

SGD 500,000


Investors make a direct investment based on the deal they are interested in.



Preferred Access

New For Accredited and Retail investors who want to invest at a smaller amount

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Minimum Investment

SGD 5,000


An investor can simply pledge a chosen amount. At deal close, monies are invested into single or select deals through a Special Purpose Vehicle.


A standard placement fee of 2.5% on any investment amount in ‘Preferred Access’ opportunities. All investors shall be informed of the actual subscription amount that is payable, inclusive of the fees payable to CapBridge, at the successful completion of the campaign period.

Funded Deals


Nautilus Data Technologies  $25 Million Raised

A California-based company that created the world’s first successful water-borne data centre.


Significant interest was garnered from well-established investors globally and in Singapore, including Keppel T&T.


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Biolidics $4 Million Raised

CapBridge facilitated the secondary offering for Singapore-based Biolidics, a precision healthcare company that has a partnership with Leica Biosystems to support research on circulating tumor cells.

Biolidics filed for an IPO in 2018 and are currently listed on Catalist.


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FiNC $25 Million Raised

A Japanese company that combines data analysis, rich content and social elements to help users log, understand, manage and improve their health and wellness.


CapBridge facilitated and raised a portion of the fundraising in 2018.


Liquidia – $22 Million Raised

Liquidia raised its pre-IPO round via CapBridge in 2017 and filed for an IPO on the Nasdaq Capital Market a year later.


The esteemed list of lead and co-investors included visionary venture capital firms, sophisticated family offices and corporate investment vehicles.


Read more on AsiaOne.


Aggregate Asset Management $5.6 Million Raised

CapBridge facilitated Aggregate Asset Management (AAM) in its private placement for the first ever listing on the private securities exchange, 1exchange.

AAM received an over-subscription for S$5.6M of equity via a six-week placement campaign conducted on CapBridge platform. They successfully listed on 1exchange platform on 10 July 2019 and is now available for trading on 1exchange.

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