Investing in Private Securities

Access exclusive opportunities in private companies and funds.


Why Invest with CapBridge?

We focus on finding quality companies, across different sectors, stages and countries, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Shorter holding time

Shorter Holding Time

Shorten your holding period by investing in late-stage pre-IPO growth companies with defined exit or liquidity plans.

Follow lead investors

Follow Lead Investors

Participate alongside professional lead investors on similar terms and benefit from their experience in choosing and evaluating investments.

Lower minimum sum

Lower Minimum Sum

Participate and co-invest in private equity deals with a minimum sum of SGD 10,000. CapBridge’s Preferred Access structure enables investors to access curated private equity deals with defined exits and liquidity plans, at even smaller ticket sizes.

Cutting edge platform

Cutting Edge Platform

Manage transactions from end to end and keep track of your private opportunities.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

Reduce auxiliary investment costs through simplified legal processes, global NDAs, and institutional grade templates and processes.

Exclusive opportunities

Exclusive Opportunities

Access global private companies in various growth stages, industries and geographies, to enable portfolio diversification beyond public markets.

What are Private Market Deals?

We make private investment opportunities accessible to everyone.

Private market deals refer to investments not traded on public exchanges or markets. This sector has traditionally been considered inaccessible and opaque to retail (‘man-on-the-street’) investors.

However, there has been a recent trend of retail investors looking more to private markets as an alternative to conventional financial products / mechanisms to further diversify their investment portfolios and achieve potential longer-term returns that are outside the more traditional public markets.

Private markets cover a wide range of asset classes such as – private equity; real estate, infrastructure; real assets; and private credit. Under this broad umbrella, one of the niche asset classes that brand name fund managers specialise in is the private equity / venture capital sector.

In particular, CapBridge primarily focuses on private equity investment opportunities for private companies in the pre-IPO or late-stage growth phase, which can offer some form of exit / liquidity pathway in this essentially illiquid asset class.

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Co-Invest with Lead Investors

Participate and co-invest in private equity deals led by experienced professional lead investors


Pre-IPO or Late Stage Growth

Invest in Pre-IPO or late-stage growth private companies with firm exit or liquidity plans (e.g. IPO, Trade Sale, M&A)


Easier to Understand Structures

Private companies are offering securities with a clearly-defined structure for return of investment

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Express interest

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Deals Across Various Sectors

We are sector-agnostic and have seen an array of opportunities from various sector, stages and geographies on our platform.

Invest with CapBridge

We focus on finding quality companies, across different sectors, stages and countries to suit your investment portfolio. 

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