COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives. We now have a ‘new normal’, where we work from home and where physical meetings are increasingly being replaced with virtual ones. This transition has reinforced the power of technology in our daily lives- convenience and efficiency have been the fruits of this change.


At CapBridge, we believe in the convenience and efficiency technology brings as well. That’s why we leverage proprietary algorithms and technology to bring you the best in virtual fundraising. If you’re a company, SME or business owner looking to raise funds virtually during this challenging period, here are 3 great practices you should adopt.


1. Get started ASAP

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the new challenges that rise everyday coupled with the uncertainties that come along with them can paralyze any business. The key is to take action.


First, determine how much capital you want to raise. Next, prepare the documents you would need. These documents would include the pitch deck, valuation models and financial projections. Finally, you’d need to approach a syndication expert like us, at CapBridge, where the rest of the process would be taken care of while you focus on your business. Our experienced team will support you through the entire journey, from campaign creation to promotion and documentation. Your dedicated Campaign Manager will help you through the process and provide the tools you need for a successful campaign. 


2. Actively engage investors

Even during the challenging times we are living in, investors are sitting on a lot of “dry powder”. Investors have a lot of capital raised- they are simply looking for viable businesses to pump it into.


Search for investors through the multiple channels available to you- online, offline and even across borders. Talk to different groups of investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, strategic investors and family offices. The key is to stay on the lookout at all times.


Of course, this would take a lot of time and if your network isn’t big enough, this might prove to be more challenging than expected. Alternatively, you could leverage the global investor network we have here at CapBridge.


3. Get access to and leverage powerful global networks

This is perhaps the most important practice in virtual fundraising. With a powerful global network of investors and strategic partners, your business would soar to new heights, quickly.


At CapBridge, we understand your network needs. This is why we use our proprietary algorithm on our platform to position your business in front of a group of curated and targeted investors. Besides this, you are also more than welcome to leverage on our partnerships with the various banks and investment pools to fundraise and syndicate at lightning speed.


The beauty of virtual fundraising on a platform like ours at CapBridge is that office hours, public holidays and office closures don’t apply. Investors will be able to take a look at your offer anytime, anywhere- all on one platform.


How to get started

Like the first point mentioned, there’s no better time to start than now. To get your fundraising journey started with us, head to our website and create a company profile. Tell us what kind of investors you are looking for; how much you are planning to raise and share some information about your business with us through a secured data room. Alternatively, you can drop us your details and we will schedule a call to discuss more.


Then, let us at CapBridge handle the rest.


The opinions expressed in this publication do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of CapBridge Pte. Ltd.