Previously exclusive to professional investors, Preferred Access provides you access to private deals with only a minimum of $5000. In the past, investors could only invest in these deals with a minimum of $500,000.


What is Preferred Access?

An investment product that allows individual investors to co-invest alongside expert professional investors in private investment opportunities at smaller ticket sizes. All deals are led by experienced professional investors who use their expertise to conduct due diligence and negotiate term sheets.


Why Preferred Access?

Preferred Access is designed for co-investor syndication of individual investors in Private Equity / Venture Capital opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to non-institutional investors.


How does it work?

Individual investors pledge a chosen amount to “Preferred Access”. At deal close, investor monies are invested into select deals that lead investors have negotiated for and invested in. You’ll be able to view all deals instantly once you have created an account with us. Upon full accreditation as required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), you will also have access to a company’s secure data room and confidential financial information.


Equity Crowdfunding Vs Preferred Access

Equity crowdfunding involves investing in shares sold by a company and receiving a share of the profits in the form of a dividend or distribution. In equity crowdfunding, investors are expected to conduct their own due diligence, analyse a start-up’s financial information and independently decide on investing in start-ups. Preferred Access which can also be referred to as syndicate crowdfunding, is made up of a lead investor and any number of other co-investors. Syndicate professional lead investors are typically investors with deep domain expertise and extensive experience in evaluating and making private equity investments.


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