CapBridge X Deloitte: Future-proof your business with scenario modelling, virtual fundraising and platforms

Every business owners know that it pays to be prepared for unforeseen crises, however, few would have anticipated the Covid-19 pandemic and its tectonic impacts.


Are there ways in which businesses could have better weather and mitigate the impacts? Are there cash-flow and liquidity issues that can better be managed with an independent professional assessment to the board? What are some of the capabilities and technologies that businesses should adopt now for a post-crisis world?


In partnership with Deloitte, we will be sharing scenario modelling and virtual fundraising. This applicable knowledge can help businesses gain a competitive edge, seize new opportunities and better position themselves for the future horizon.


  • Digital Adaptability
  • Virtual Fundraising
  • Scenario Modelling
Missed the webinar? Catch the recording here!
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