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With today's volatile public markets environment, private equity offers investors a smarter alternative. Private equity funds are a highly uncorrelated asset class and have an exceptional historical performance, with an above-market return of 19% IRR.

For a fraction of the cost, through our fully digital platform, you too, can invest in top-tier private equity funds. Just like institutional investors and the UHNW to curated alternative investments, select from top-tier PE/VC funds that suit your portfolio.

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Examples of Top-Tier Funds

The BlackStone Group


USD $649B 


Notable Current Investments:

Refinitiv, Merlin Entertainments, Gates Corp, Cheniere Energy

Warburg Pincus


USD $64B 


Notable Current Investments:

GoJek, Ant Group, ARA Asset Management Limited, Sequoia

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co


USD $367B


Notable Current Investments:

Optiv, Epic Games, UFC, ByteDance

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Exclusive Access

Browse an array of curated top-tier funds, traditionally only accessible to institutions or the ultra rich.

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Invest from as low as USD$100k. Similar top-tier funds typically require higher minimum investments .

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CapBridge is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) and backed by Singapore Exchange ("SGX").

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Our funds are specially curated from the partners we work with and change from time to time based on availability. For an up-to-date list of our fund offerings, sign up or log in to your CapBridge account to view our ongoing deals.

CapBridge works with various partners in the industry to source for high quality PE/VC funds. Our partners are highly reputable and helmed by experienced top fund managers.

Typical investment size can start from as low as USD $100k. The minimum investment size is fund dependent. Specific fund information are available on our deals page upon sign up.

Returns will be dependent on the tenor and risk profile of each investment. Funds typically outperform public markets, with an average IRR of 19%.

For new users, simply sign up for an account with us. It is FREE and will only take 2 simple steps.

To access and participate in live offerings, you will need to complete our online investor verification & KYC process. This is a one-time off verification process and it should only take a couple of minutes! 

*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. CA US Private Equity (PE) Index as sourced by Cambridge Associates’ Q4 2020 “Index and Selected Benchmark Statistics” report. The Cambridge Associates Private Equity Index is a pooled horizon IRR calculation based on quarterly data compiled from over 8,300 funds private equity funds, including fully liquidated partnerships, formed between 1986 and 2020. S&P 500 Total Return Index as sourced from Yahoo Finance. S&P 500 TR Index data are annual compounded return calculations which are time weighted measures and are shown for reference and directional purposes only. The CA PE Index is not an investable index and is used solely for illustrative purposes. The CA PE Index includes only Buyout and Growth Equity funds which matches the investment opportunities currently offered by Moonfare. Due to the fundamental differences between the two calculations, direct comparison of IRRs to time weighted returns is not recommended. The chart shows the net growth of a $100 hypothetical initial investment in the referenced indexes on December 31, 1999.Index data does not include the effect of Moonfare’s feeder fees, that are levied on top of the private equity funds offered and are estimated to decrease their net returns by c. 2.3% on an annual basis. For this purpose we also show on the chart a hypothetical Private Equity Index whose performance includes the impact of Moonfare fees.