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With our customized online platform, funds now have an avenue to share their investment deck, portfolio snapshots, key investment strategies, fund terms, track record (of successful exits) with a global community of potential investors. Expand your network of suitable limited partners on our platform by gaining visibility with investors who operate in the same space and who fit your fund requirements.

Funds often invest across a myriad of sectors. Our platform enables direct and instant access to potential fund investors through information-sharing. With the use of algorithms, our intuitive and intelligent matching system helps funds source for investors with similar sector expertise, according to each investor’s intended portfolio strategy.  Filter through our curated pool of suitable limited partners and expedite your fundraising process.

Connect with your current investors and accelerate their due diligence process on our fully digitalized platform, while keeping potential investors in the loop. Establish trust and build rapport with your investors by providing regular updates on your funds’ development through your personalized webpage account. At the same time, expect improved visibility within our community of investors and be informed of potential targets and investors who have been tracking your developments.

With our platform, investors of funds now have a partial exit option. This is achieved by selling secondaries of funds (at a valuation set by the fund), which potentially improves a fund’s interest. Additionally, funds can leverage our investor base to build up its “dry powder” at standardized limited partner terms, improving the position of the fund for future investments.

How to apply for fundraising

At CapBridge, funds can directly engage potential limited partners on our platform. Our intelligent platform expands your network and expedites the process of raising money for funds.

1. Create Online Profile

Create your fund’s profile and use CapBridge’s online tools to upload key information about your fund, including– geographic focus, preferred industries/sectors, track record, management expertise, “secret sauce”, investment philosophies, and historical financial data.

2. Apply to Fundraise

Provide specific details of your fundraise – e.g. how much you intend to raise, desired closing date, and limited partner information. You will be matched with suitable investors who fit your profile based on their investment preferences.

3. Share information with investors

Once a campaign starts, you can selectively allow certain potential investors to access your dataroom and confidential information, which includes partnership terms, offering memorandum, and LPA. You can control participation in your fund by choosing suitable investors.

4. Close your Fund!

Once your target fund amount is met, you can close your fundraising campaign ahead of the designated deadline. After the necessary investor and partnership agreements are executed, the funds will be transferred to your fund account.