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All deals on the CapBridge syndication and co-investment platform are fronted by a Lead Investor. They leverage their industry knowledge to evaluate the deal comprehensively. With a prior understanding of the space, they conduct in-depth due diligence and price the opportunities appropriately before securing win-win transaction structures with the company. Co-investors are able to leverage on the diligence that was performed, as well as understand the expert thesis driving the lead investor’s interest. They are also able to come in on similar terms as the lead investor.

Lead investors make the effort to manage the portfolio, ensuring company targets are met and give assistance when called upon. Co-investors are assured that the company has a value-adding partner to work alongside them.

Lead investors plan for exit clearly in their investment thesis and will work hard with the company to effect an exit within a reasonable time. Co-investors will be made aware of such exit plans during the investment and can take comfort that the lead investor will work towards an exit of their joint investment. This allows co-investors to plan ahead on when to recycle their capital and reinvest into future deals, thus increasing capital flow.


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Co-investors must be accredited and keen to follow lead investors in the deal, which includes signing up to the same agreements with the company as the lead investor.

As we are regulated and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), only Institutional & Accredited Investors will currently be able to view our live, private-market deals.

Why Invest with CapBridge

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Get Started:

1. Create Online Profile And Get Accredited!

Create your online profile. You will be prompted via email to provide our compliance team with your information in order for our compliance team to conduct regulatory checks with the purpose of validating your account.

Once your account has been verified by our team to be accredited, you will be able to browse all the live, private-market deals on the CapBridge platform.

2. Provide Your Investment Preferences

Indicate your preferred investment criteria (e.g. geographical location, industry sector, ticket size, etc.) to be prompted when suitable opportunities are newly-listed.

3.Build Your ‘Watchlist’ And Evaluate Potential Investment Opportunities

Keep potential companies on your ‘Watchlist’ using the platform’s deal management tools as you choose from the many quality deals* led by lead investors.

*Deals led by Lead Investors are highly sought after as you can leverage and ride on the Lead Investors’ due diligence work, term sheet negotiation and terms, as well as better manage your portfolio positions for an increased exit probability.

4. Engage Companies And Access Their Data Room

Request access to each companies’ individual Data Room for extensive confidential company information (e.g. audited finances, business plans, financial forecasts, etc.) as you engage with management directly and evaluate their fundraising deal.

5. Complete Your Investment

Once the terms of investment and related fundraising legal documentation between yourself and the company have been fully executed, your investment is now complete!