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We make private investment opportunities accessible

Invest in high-returning private securities with PE/VC industry experts with as little as $5K

In recent years, investors seeking above-market returns have looked to investing in private companies outside of public stock exchanges. Such private equity opportunities are typically not accessible to individuals. CapBridge provides a platform for individual investors to directly discover and access such opportunities.

Preferred Access is CapBridge’s exclusive investment product designed for individual investors that allows you to co-invest alongside expert lead investors in private investment opportunities with as little as $5KTypically, the minimum investment amount for private equity investments is $500K, making it inaccessible to individual accredited investors. With Preferred Access, you can now invest smaller amounts across multiple deals to diversify your investment portfolio.

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Why Invest?

Backed by Lead Investors


Participate in pre-IPO deals led by experienced Lead Investors who have a minimum commitment of 30% in each fundraising round.

Invest with only a minimum of $5K

Invest with only a minimum of $5K


With only a minimum amount, you can choose to invest in a single deal or multiple deals under our Preferred Access program. 

Your Interests are Covered


Sit back while Lead Investors conduct thorough due diligence and deal negotiation. They ensure value-added investment structures and ensure that company exits are carried through.



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What is Preferred Access?

Preferred Access is CapBridge’s exclusive investment product for individual investors to co-invest alongside expert professional investors in private investment opportunities at smaller ticket sizes. All deals are led by experienced professional investors who are participating in the same round.

What fees are charged for Preferred Access?

All investors pay CapBridge a 2% placement fee on funds invested (e.g. if you invest $5000 in Preferred Access Deal XYZ, you pay CapBridge 2% of $5000 = $100).

Investors also pay for yearly SPV costs on a pass-through basis, which is approximately 2.5% investor’s investment amount per annum (e.g. if you are committing $5000 in a deal, you shall pay to the SPV 2.5% of $5000 = $125 each year)

Why Preferred Access?

Preferred Access is designed for co-investor syndication of individual investors in Private Equity / Venture Capital opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to non-institutional investors.

How does it work?

Individual investors browse available Preferred Access deals on the CapBridge platform. They can pledge an amount to any Preferred Access deal of their choice. Once the campaign for their chosen deal completes, investors transfer their committed amounts to make the investment.

Am I eligible to invest on Preferred Access?

You must be an individual Accredited Investor under the Securities and Futures Act to invest via Preferred Access, which means:

  • Your annual income is more than S$300,000 (or equivalent in a foreign currency)
  • Your net personal assets exceed S$2 million (or equivalent in a foreign currency)
  • Your net financial assets exceed S$1 million (or equivalent in a foreign currency)

When and how do I transfer funds for investment?

Once a Preferred Access deal is successfully completed, all investors who have committed to invest will be required to transfer their investment amount via bank transfer.