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The Integrated Private Market Ecosystem

CapBridge Financial private markets solution helps companies and investors unlock value via a uniquely integrated primary syndication and secondary trading approach. CapBridge Financial operates out of global leading financial hub Singapore and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The CapBridge primary online syndication platform holds a Capital Markets Services License (CMSL), while Singapore’s first regulated private securities exchange, 1exchange (1X) holds a Recognised Market Operator licence to facilitate secondary trading.

Primary Online Syndication Platform – CapBridge
CapBridge works with late-stage growth or pre-IPO private companies seeking growth or expansion capital.

The online platform intelligently seeks and matches companies with private capital and facilitates the entire capital raising process with technology. Private investors on the CapBridge platform who seek a higher likelihood of above-average returns can gain access to institutional grade private opportunities, previously limited to large institutional investors. CapBridge also employs the lead and co-lead business model to ensure institutional grade transactions.

Secondary Trading – 1exchange (1X)
CapBridge Financial also owns Singapore’s first regulated private securities exchange and widely regarded as the third board 1exchange (1X).

This is a “light-touch” and cost-effective private exchange designed specifically for family owned businesses, growth and pre-IPO businesses. With market-oriented solutions such as direct private listings and employee share option and trading, 1exchange provides growth companies, founders, and business owners options for partial exits while retaining control. Private equity investors on 1exchange can securely and freely trade in and out of their private positions to achieve liquidity anytime, anywhere.

Our Strategies



We create products that bring value to investors and companies responsibly by listening to the market and delivering the solutions that the market seeks.



We utilise technology that will enable the distribution, fractionalisation and trading of value to the ecosystem.

Best in Class

Best in Class

We perform to the highest professional standards and ensure our regulatory processes are world-class.

Why we started CapBridge

We started CapBridge with the vision to help entrepreneurs and to address a need.

The companies of tomorrow require growth capital and smart investors to help them achieve their development objectives. Entrepreneurs must have the ability to raise appropriate growth capital and to refresh and manage their investor base, and provide liquidity to align employees and stakeholders. Investors would also want the option to recycle some of their earlier capital.

Our offering is a combination of business needs, technology and innovation, created as a direct response to the radical changes and needs in the markets and regulatory environments.

The ideal growth capital is obtained when investors share deals – deal sharing leads to network effect which leads to better outcomes. Companies want a good blend of investors – a good professional institutional investor to price, conduct diligence and structure deals, and at the same time, having co-investors to enlarge the round, diversify the investor base and expand coverage.

Professional institutional investors, in turn, want to spread their risk, and leverage on co-investors. Co-investors benefit by tagging along on the knowledge and due diligence of the professional institutional investor and have access to deals that they otherwise may not be able to do.

Smaller ticket sized retail investors can also participate via our <a style=”font-style: inherit;” href=”https://capbridge.sg/preferred-access/”>Preferred Access</a> which allows for investments across all live deals for portfolio diversification. This all leads to positive reinforcements, which leads to better outcomes for all.

We believe an integrated approach with a primary capital raise, and a secondary trading platform (<a href=”http://www.1x.exchange”>www.1x.exchange</a>) is the way forward in improving liquidity and capital by providing a holistic avenue for deserving growth companies to fundraise, and for these businesses to thereafter have yet another avenue to monetise and recycle capital. This is beneficial in many ways to the various market participants, and for the wider capital market ecosystem.

The CapBridge primary capital raising platform was built to facilitate growth for both companies and investors. We bring the pipeline, and allow various growth opportunities to be discovered and matched, in a secure, regulated and process-optimised environment.

Johnson Chen, Founder & CEO

CapBridge in Numbers

USD 1.9 Billion

USD 1.9 Billion




Live Deals As Of March 2020

USD 10-100 Million

USD 10-100 Million

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