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We listen to the market needs and deliver tailored solutions by creating valuable products for investors and companies - responsibly.

Technology Driven

The technology we utilise distributes, fractionalises and trades value to the private markets ecosystem.

Best In Class

World-class regulatory processes. The highest professional standards. That's how we perform.

CapBridge Financial

CapBridge Financial is a proprietary ecosystem that helps companies and investors unlock value via a uniquely integrated primary syndication and secondary trading approach.


We are headquartered in Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).

Primary Syndication

CapBridge (www.capbridge.sg) is a digital wealth management platform that enables HNWIs and the mass affluent segments to invest in highly sought-after private equity (PE) products, including pre-IPO unicorns, top-quartile funds, real estate, and bonds.


Traditionally only available to the most sophisticated financial institutions and the ultra-wealthy at high investment minimums (>USD1MM), CapBridge leverages digital processes and innovative investment structures to offer the same products, but at significantly lower costs and reduced investment minimums – from as low as USD1k. CapBridge targets the USD23 Tr Asian HNWI market, which is largely underserved by incumbents and always seeking above-market returns. CapBridge can originate deals on its own, and also has in place multiple commercial and technical agreements with industry-leading intermediaries and banks.


This blended approach allows CapBridge to be a one-stop shop that distributes highly curated, top-quality, and institutional-grade opportunities in each asset class.

CapBridge Financial also owns 1exchange (“1X”), the first MAS-regulated private securities exchange in Singapore and widely regarded as the third board in the financial centre.

Built on the blockchain, 1X is a “light-touch” and cost-effective private listing venue designed for family businesses, as well as growth and pre-IPO companies.

The exchange provides market-oriented solutions such as direct private listings and employee share options trading. With a 1X listing, founders, owners, and growth stage companies can achieve partial exits and tradeability in private shares while retaining control.

Private investors on 1X can freely and securely trade in and out of their positions to achieve liquidity anytime, anywhere.


A FIT™ Solution For The Private Markets


• Smaller ticket enables better investor risk management and diversification
• Enables broad mass adoption and total market addressability


• Fungibility key to wider liquidity pools and vibrant exchange-ability
• Addresses DvP and Fiat on/off processes


• Integrated primary and secondary trading is key enabler
• Secondary trading vital for capital recycling

Leadership Team

Our biggest asset is our team of highly experienced senior investment professionals.

Together with our technology, they lead the charge to bring investment sharing to private growth company funding.

Johnson Chen

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Fang


Haiping Choo

Chief Executive Officer, 1Exchange

Mohammed Nasser

Board Director

Strategic Shareholders & Partners

*Subject to closing conditions and MAS approval