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Funded Deals


Nautilus Data Technologies – $25 Million Raised

A California-based company that created the world’s first successful water-borne data centre.

Significant interest was garnered from well-established investors globally and in Singapore, including Keppel T&T.

Read more on Straits Times.


Biolidics – $4 Million Raised

CapBridge facilitated the secondary offering for Singapore-based Biolidics, a precision healthcare company that has a partnership with Leica Biosystems to support research on circulating tumor cells.

Biolidics filed for an IPO in 2018 and are currently listed on Catalist.

Read more on Business Times.


FiNC – $25 Million Raised

A Japanese company that combines data analysis, rich content and social elements to help users log, understand, manage and improve their health and wellness.

CapBridge facilitated and raised a portion of the fundraising in 2018.


Liquidia – $22 Million Raised

Liquidia raised its pre-IPO round via CapBridge in 2017 and filed for an IPO on the Nasdaq Capital Market a year later.

The esteemed list of lead and co-investors included visionary venture capital firms, sophisticated family offices and corporate investment vehicles.

Read more on AsiaOne.


Aggregate Asset Management – $5.6 Million Raised

CapBridge facilitated Aggregate Asset Management (AAM) in its private placement for the first ever listing on the private securities exchange, 1exchange.

AAM received an over-subscription for S$5.6M of equity via a six-week placement campaign conducted on CapBridge platform. They successfully listed on 1exchange platform on 10 July 2019 and is now available for trading on 1exchange.

Read more here.

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