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Providing you an intelligent
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investment experience


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Browse deals led by the world’s leading venture capitalists on CapBridge. Our platform lets you select and make investments, or lead a deal of your own.


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Sophisticated investors with good foresight into industry trends and are looking to invest in quality emerging growth companies

1. Create Online Profile

Create your online profile and provide your investment criteria. Start connecting and engaging with companies, and keep up-to-date with companies of interest.

2. Manage Deal flow

Leverage CapBridge to effectively and confidentially source deals that meet your investment criteria. With CapBridge’s online tools, you can also coordinate with your team to better manage deal flow, due diligence and transactions, all within an integrated environment.

3. Conduct Due Diligence

All investments are made on the same terms as the Lead investor. You can request access to the company’s data room, review investment terms, ask questions and interact with the company’s management.

4. Complete Investment

Once the terms of investment are concluded, you will be given details, such as payment methods and shareholders agreement, for you to review and complete your investment.